The best of 2017 by David Whish-Wilson

Deuce1. The Deuce. So often the things I look forward to most are overwhelmed by my expectations and don’t meet those expectations. With HBO’s The Deuce, it didn’t happen like that. The Deuce was better than I could have hoped for. With writers like George Pelecanos, David Simon and Megan Abbott involved, this look at the birth of an industry and a neighbourhood is perfectly slow moving, patiently creating layers of detail and character, and I can’t wait for the next season. Continue reading

Highlights of highlights

Getting into the archives isn’t easy. We’ve changed platforms (or whatever they’re called) four times and there have been changes of computers along the way. However with Best of season coming up we took a look through the lists we could find and came up with these snippets…

Look out for Best of 2017 contributions coming soon and please send us yours… Continue reading

More than an oval by Chris Egan

Book review – Goodbye Leederville Oval…

GoodbyeDr Kieran James’ book – Goodbye Leederville Oval is a unique and credible insight into Perth’s sporting culture. It covers three major themes – the fluidity of Perth’s sporting culture, the pain of transition in Australia of sports moving from semi-professional to professional pathways and one that is currently being further examined across the state. What is it to be a Western Australian? Continue reading