The best of 2018 by Nick Gye



Death of Stalin (2017)


The Happy Prince. Rupert does Oscar

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

Ladies in Black. An Australian film not featuring and celebrating drug addicts and the criminal class.

The classic,  from 1979. Stalker


A Gentleman In Moscow. So much to enjoy from this 2016 book.  We can all learn from the Count.

Music Deaths

Rachid Taha. 12/9/2018 . You may know him from the soiundtrack of the rather unpleasant film, Black Hawk Down,  from the slightly unpleasant Ridley Scott.

Spencer P Jones.  21/8/2018

Peter Shelley.  6/12/18

All overshadowed by the well-timed death of Mark E Smith on 24 January.

I was moved to write an obituary.

 Live Music

David Byrne in Adelaide. Last stop on his world American Utopia tour. Outstanding


Man In The High Castle  series 3,  glossy.

Westworld. Suffering from the absence of Yul Brynner, though Ed Harris does his best.

Better Call Saul.

The Kominsky Method. I have a new-found appreciation of Michael Douglas after his portrayal of Liberace in ‘Behind The Candelabra’.

A Very English Scandal. Hugh Grant, fabulous playing Jeremy Thorpe.

Deutschland 86. More Stasi goings on in the dying East Germany.

Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry ought to have let it go after season 7, but it still has its moments.

Das Boot. Nazi and French Resistance derring-do.

Berlin Station. Series 3.  Slick and implausible – like life itself.

Sunday 8.30 on the ABC. Mainly reliable, eg Rake, Jack Irish, Mystery Road. But Pine Gap was truly awful.


You can see the future USA President here at the 6.13 mark. My, does he look good!   I for one backed him from that time.

 Who will be President of the much need Australian ‘guided democracy’?   Surely the nation is crying out for a firm hand?  Someone like these gentlemen pictured, all of whom have a proven track record…




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