The ultimate in upsizing by Richard Jones

founderA look at The Founder… 

THERE can’t be too many people in the western world, or indeed in many other nations worldwide, who haven’t chowed down on a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries.

So it’s a bit of a mind-stretching exercise to find out all about Ray Kroc, the man who franchised the fast food chain across the globe resulting in today’s 35,000 outlets. Continue reading

Looking back at our sports grounds


Subiaco Oval 1937

Even in the very early days of the Swan River Colony there was a need for a sports ground on which to play cricket, run horse races and other contests. Initially a piece of flat, relatively clear ground in East Perth, roughly where Queens Gardens is today, was used for cricket and horse races were run on the downs in Fremantle. Slowly, as the population grew, better facilities for various sports were developed.   Continue reading

What might come out of the WAFL by Les Everett


Subi’s Liam Ryan gives them the slip. All photos by Les Everett

The 2016 WAFL season was historic with Peel winning their first premiership. That result, or more accurately, the make-up of Peel’s grand final team is likely to lead to changes in the eligibility of AFL-listed players in WAFL finals. But that’s another discussion.

Right now AFL clubs will be thinking about the WAFL for another reason – the possibility of extracting readymade gems from this potentially rich recruiting ground. Continue reading