How long before combustion takes place by Richard Jones

BurningA look at Burning (M)

Korean writer-director Lee Chang-dong seems to be very keen on themes of class division and resentment. He’s noted for his works on these topics, particularly in his published works as he follows would-be writers on their quests for publication. Here Lee features his protagonist Jong-su (Yoo Ah-in) who is forced to lead a hand-to-mouth existence in Seoul even though he actually lives in a lower-class rural setting. Continue reading

Bombers who headed west by Les Everett


The great Alec Robinson became a Goldfields and WA champion after leaving Essendon.

Essendon came to Perth Stadium for a Thursday night game with West Coast.

On the club website Rohan Connolly had a look at WA players who have played for the Bombers – he was even able to put together a pretty good team containing premiership players and Brownlow, Norm Smith and Coleman Medal winners. Continue reading