The Mavericks in New Orleans. Photos by Dean Schulze.


OTHERWISE we might never have got off our arses and organised the tour of the USA we had been talking about for nearly 40 years. Camo and I always thought about driving Route 66 but when he had his little brush with death we did a bit of research and decided Route 66 might not be what we always dreamed of. So it ended up being a four-week trip taking in NYC, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. And what a hell of a trip it was. So many highlights but I would bore the tits off you if I did a day by day because almost every day had a highlight. So I’ll just mention a few things. Continue reading

The Year of the Powerhouse by Sean Mortell

A review of the big albums and headlines in the 2017 music scene

Promising much, 2017 lived up to the hype of the big-names releasing music. There seemed to be an abundance of popular figures unleashing albums and songs on the masses, as a plethora of sound was produced in a bustling musical year. The popular headlines, as well as the chart-breaking albums, formed a year of evolving and entertaining sound. Continue reading