The rise and rise of Dick Cheney by Richard Jones

A look at Vice (M)

ViceRegular filmgoers won’t believe the work the make-up and hair stylists have done with Christian Bale for his latest movie. The well-known actor is barely recognisable as the White House ladder-climber Dick Cheney although in his early years as a Wyoming telecommunications linesman he’s clearly just C Bale. Continue reading

Best of 2019 (yes, 2019)

Due to a technical glitch – caused by an inadequate briefing during shift handover – for a little while yesterday we asked our fans and readers to provide us with their Best of… list for 2019. Executive bonuses have been frozen in the wake of this embarrassing error – we’ll hand them out later when the fuss dies down.

One correspondent, going by the name Vee Em, provided us with a 2019 list. It doesn’t seem at all fanciful so we’re publishing it… Continue reading