Best of 2019 (yes, 2019)

Due to a technical glitch – caused by an inadequate briefing during shift handover – for a little while yesterday we asked our fans and readers to provide us with their Best of… list for 2019. Executive bonuses have been frozen in the wake of this embarrassing error – we’ll hand them out later when the fuss dies down.

One correspondent, going by the name Vee Em, provided us with a 2019 list. It doesn’t seem at all fanciful so we’re publishing it…


Best of 2019 (yes, 2019) by Vee Em

Freo win the flag, defeating Weagles by ten goals.


A Freo player wins the Brownlow, the North Smith and the Les Everett medals is inducted into the Sports Media Hall of Fame


The WACA scoreboard becomes a living museum


The Perth Stadium is officially known as Perth Stadium


Bob Dylan tours and plays small venues.


Springsteen does house concerts.



Politicians pull their heads in.

Asylum seekers and refugees find safe homes.

Victims of family violence find safe homes.

Cancer is cured.

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