THE FLICKS OF ‘15 by Dean Schulze


I’ll list the films I liked (like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, above) later but I just want to mention right at the start – I really disliked Birdman. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for some time and now is my chance.

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2015 musically by Les Everett

THE year began in the country and ended with the purchase of a new sound system that has one of those streaming things to take me into a whole new world – and a turntable that has already taken me back to a much-loved old one.

Here are some highlights…


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FILMS I MOST ENJOYED IN 2015 by Richard Jones


MOST film reviewers come up with a Top Ten list at the end of a busy year’s watching and writing. Maybe just a scant Top Five as Margaret and David used to compile on At The Movies.

For me, I go for a Top Twelve. Not a baker’s dozen, but an even figure.

Some of the movies I most enjoyed this year would certainly rate as ‘arthouse’ but there always seems to be a handful of films which most folk would classify as multiplex offerings.

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The best of 2015 by Nick Gye 

The beginning of our annual look back, your lists and essays are welcome dear readers…

NickComrades, a year of great upheaval- disruption – as they say. But, was it really? Is the new normal the new normal? In a time when mediocrity abounds we look forward to a 2016 where the tortoise will be able to lay down with the lamb, and the forces of darkness shall be weakened incrementally. Continue reading