An intriguing class-war black comedy by Richard Jones

ParasiteA look at Parasite (MA 15+)

We’ve seen a few South Korean epics lately and this one from director Bong Joon-Ho rates as one of the very best. Continue reading


The AFL club champions 2019 (with notes)



The scoreboard at Northampton hometown of Carlton club champion Patrick Cripps. Photo by Les Everett

Most 2019 club champions didn’t make the All-Australian team – probably happens every year – this and other fascinating observations in Notes below… (corrections welcome). Continue reading

Stories from the other end of the table by Les Everett


A few years ago Gordon Lee decided he’d like to write down some of the stories from his eventful life. “Just for the family.” I’d heard some of them but when Gordon told me he’d been a partner in a BYO nightclub and one of his partners was called Barbecue Jack, ‘the most feared fighter in Fremantle’, I knew the stories deserved a wider audience. Continue reading