For Tony Joe


News came through today that Tony Joe White has died. My first instinct was to put For Lee Ann on the turntable. It always makes me cry – for good reason this time. Continue reading


North to Alaska, then on to Canada by Richard Jones


Rugged-up Richard with the Winter Olympic rings at Whistler.

WE’D heard a lot about cruising and cruise ships from family and friends so we decided to take the plunge, so to speak. But just in case we weren’t fans of life on the ocean wave we decided to make our initial journey just an eight-day affair. Continue reading

Days spent admiring the Mayan pyramids of Mexico by Richard Jones


I suppose just about everyone has a bucket list, a selection of places in the world they’ve always wanted to visit. Prime among mine was to visit as many of the Mayan pyramids of Mexico as I could particularly after gazing in awe at their Egyptian counterparts at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo, back in 2009. Continue reading

What’s in the WAFL? 2018


Zac Clarke.

The pressure was put on a little earlier this year. Apparently it had something to do with Carlton and Gold Coast being able to recruit mature-age recruits from outside the AFL draft. I think that little window is done and dusted but there’s still been lots of “G’day mate!” and “How’s it goin’ big fella?” calls recently. Continue reading