Is love-struck physicist a dangerous spy by Richard Jones

RedJoanA look at Red Joan (M)

It seems incredible in this day and age that a former Soviet spy living in retirement in a beautiful London suburban street would only be taken in for questioning half-a-century after forwarding secrets to Moscow. Continue reading


It’s just the Dockers not the end of the world by Les Everett


Winjingarra Bard Bard. Photos by Les Everett.

In was 22 June, the Dockers were sitting nicely in the eight and about to take on the struggling Demons at the MCG. On ABC Grandstand expert commentators Adam Ramanauskas and Mark Maclure were working themselves into a frenzy about Freo. Continue reading

How long before combustion takes place by Richard Jones

BurningA look at Burning (M)

Korean writer-director Lee Chang-dong seems to be very keen on themes of class division and resentment. He’s noted for his works on these topics, particularly in his published works as he follows would-be writers on their quests for publication. Here Lee features his protagonist Jong-su (Yoo Ah-in) who is forced to lead a hand-to-mouth existence in Seoul even though he actually lives in a lower-class rural setting. Continue reading