Wet and windy wins in western derby by Vin Maskell


Winter arrived in style at the Warringa Crescent ground for the round seven FIDA western derby between home team Wyndham and ladder leader Williamstown.
The icy cross-ground wind and the frequent rain didn’t stop Williamstown from a bright three-goal start. The hosts got back into the game with a two-goal second quarter but were then shut right down in the second-half. Continue reading

AFL games on Good Friday – who, where (and when!)

I like Sports Tonight on 6PR. Mark me down as a regular listener.

On Monday night there was plenty of talk about the AFL’s decision to play games on Good Friday.

Host Karl Langdon has long been a disciple of Good Friday footy and he got on a roll when discussion turned to who should play and where the games should be played.

Karl reckons there’s no reason why Good Friday games should be played in Victoria. In fact – he suggested – there could be more than one game some years depending upon what day of the week Good Friday should happen to fall.