AFL games on Good Friday – who, where (and when!)

I like Sports Tonight on 6PR. Mark me down as a regular listener.

On Monday night there was plenty of talk about the AFL’s decision to play games on Good Friday.

Host Karl Langdon has long been a disciple of Good Friday footy and he got on a roll when discussion turned to who should play and where the games should be played.

Karl reckons there’s no reason why Good Friday games should be played in Victoria. In fact – he suggested – there could be more than one game some years depending upon what day of the week Good Friday should happen to fall.


Carnival to highlight inclusiveness by Vin Maskell


The 2014 National Inclusion Carnival kicks off on Thursday 19 June at Preston City Oval.
Hosted by the AFL and FIDA, the Victorian league for players with intellectual disabilities, the carnival is a great showcase for inclusiveness and all-abilities football.
This year the carnival features the best players from Victoria (metro and country), New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. Several players from FIDA teams in Victoria are topping up the Tasmanian team.
Vic Country and Vic Metro will open the carnival with a 12.30pm game. This will be followed by clashes between New South Wales and South Australia, and Queensland and Tasmania.
Friday 20 June will be full of action, with six games to be played at the Preston ground, starting at 9am.
Saturday’s six games are at Pitcher Park in Alphington.
Finals will be played on Sunday 22 June at Ransford Oval, Parkville, from 9am.
The Grand Final will kick off at 11.20am.
More details at