Trying to milk the conman narrative by Richard Jones

A look at The Good Liar (MA 15+)

liarYou’d think with mega-stars Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen in the two leading roles a movie focussing on rip-offs and cons would be a sure-fire hit. Well, almost but not quite. It’s a near miss with some intriguing off-shoots. Continue reading

Best movies for 2019 by Richard Jones


We had a bit of a blank stretch through October and November but still managed close to our normal annual tally of 30 movies. And there were a few trips to mainstream cinemas during school holiday periods to keep the granddaughters entertained. Not surprisingly, those films such as Ralph Breaks The Internet, Dumbo and Secret Life Of Pets don’t make this Top Ten list. Continue reading

Search for truth in German epic by Richard Jones


A look at Never Look Away (M)

As a lover of films depicting actual historical events the latest Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck opus was always going to be on my ‘must-see’ list. After all his epic award-winning story of life for East Germans behind the Berlin wall in the mid-1980s, depicted in The Lives Of Others, was a masterpiece. Continue reading