A gripping romance full of long, loving stares by Richard Jones


A look at If Beale Street Could Talk (MA 15+)

Novelist James Baldwin wrote many a story about the struggles of African Americans in the USA and the oppression, prejudice and wrongful imprisonment which befell them. Continue reading


Terror lurks along every floor, every corridor by Richard Jones

A look at Hotel Mumbai (MA)

MumbaiI daresay it’s a tad gruesome to watch a movie depicting terrorists slaughtering hotel guests a mere 24 hours after the horrific shootings in Christchurch. But that’s what we did on the weekend as we took in the movie about the attacks in Mumbai towards the end of November 2008. Continue reading

An inside peek at cinema’s odd couple by Richard Jones

A look at Stan & Ollie (PG)

stan&OllieI didn’t know until this week that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy reprised their comedy act after World War 2. In 1953, in fact, when they toured England and Ireland. I knew only of their black and white comic movie romps from the 1930s and they presumably kicked off even earlier – in the Twenties. Continue reading