Best 2018 by David Whish-Wilson


• David Whish-Wilson has written lots of books. His latest was The Coves and fans will be pleased to know Frank Swann will be back next year via Fremantle Press. Please note he didn’t write one of the books in this photo, it’s just the next on the bookshelf. Continue reading

Awake 2017. The best of… by David Bridie

These are the only best ofs worth considering. I  didn’t put in my best ofs for 2016 because I slept pretty much the whole year… I have awoken now… however some of these may be from last year as well… I put in the filter to this that I spend my whole life in recording studios, playing gigs, and doing a plethora of Wantok Musik organisation so music and film are not my “go to” relaxation activities…. Continue reading