Awake 2017. The best of… by David Bridie

These are the only best ofs worth considering. I  didn’t put in my best ofs for 2016 because I slept pretty much the whole year… I have awoken now… however some of these may be from last year as well… I put in the filter to this that I spend my whole life in recording studios, playing gigs, and doing a plethora of Wantok Musik organisation so music and film are not my “go to” relaxation activities….



DLS• De la soul – and the anonymous nobody

On the MFTCC boat trip this album got a thrashing. Smart intelligent creative hip hop.







• Blackeyed Susans – Close your eyes and see

A wonderful record sadly overlooked in most areas which says more about the music industry than it does about the band. Rob Snarski and Phil Kakulas are a more interesting coupling than McLennan and Forster in my opinion (and I love The Go Betweens though the book Robert Forster wrote was difficult to stomach)



Maubere Timor Songs from the Resistance – this was on my Wantok label however this a CD of songs from the Timor Leste independence struggle performed by veterans who came to my studio in Australia.The passion emotion and joy in these songs is infectious.Think Buena Vista Social Club transported to our region

• Underground Lovers – Staring at you, staring at me

See Blackeyed Susans..a wonderful band

GS• Glenn Skulthorpe –  See my world

Indigenous Nth NSW singer. I’ve followed Glenn’s songwriting for a while now. There’s a woody texture and earthiness in his voice and a flick in his guitar playing that appeals to me and an observation in his lyric that makes him an artist worth considering. Highly recommended.



• Black Cab – Akira

A soundtrack album – beautiful.

• Mogwai – Every Country’s Son

Textural dark guitar, Scottish love it.

Films and TV and live

Sweet Country Warwick Thornton

Handmade’s Tale

Top of the Lake

I saw Midnight Oil twice cos Telek (A Bit Na ta) and Frank Yamma did supports …Jim Moginie is a genius. Band were great.

Saw the Mekons in Brooklyn… that was good too.


The loss of these people affected.. John Clark, Rory O Donoghue and my mate Bob Richardson. 

I loved Tom Petty’s records..listening to Learning to Fly as we flew above the moody volcanoes of East New Britain PNG was a highlight of my year.


Repeated listens to The Revival Meeting suggest DB used his studio time well (Ed)

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