Best of 2016 in no apparent order by Sean Gorman


oldscoresOld Scores by David Whish Wilson. 

elvisLast Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick

“Unrivaled account of Elvis as he walks the path between heaven and nature in an America that was wide open, when anything was possible, not the whitewashed golden calf but the incendiary musical firebrand loner who conquered the western world, he steps from the pages, you can feel him breathe, this book cancels out all the others.” — Bob Dylan – Say No more.


hellHell Or High Water 

Midnight Specialmidnight

huntHunt for the Wilderpeople


strangerStranger Things  

The Crowncrown

Wolf Hallwolf

ojOJ: Made in America


suckerSo Long Suckers (Yirra Yaakin & Bunuba Cultural Enterprises)

Director – Kyle J Morrison

Concept/ Associate Producer – Steve Hawke (Bunuba Cultural Enterprises)

Developed and Performed by – Ian Wilkes, Emmanuel J Brown, Peter Docker

Script – Peter Docker

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