Some observations on 2019 by Nick Gye


When Scott Walker (above) died just over a year after Mark E Smith it seemed as though the stitches that held the universe together in some short of shape had started to fray. I have written about both of them on this website as it happens.

And then Ginger Baker himself left. 


I find the latest Nick Cave pretty unlistenable, but not in a good way as with, for example, From Her To Eternity. Much the same with his last one. There – I’ve said it.

My thanks must go to the hermit like The Song Rat for alerting me to Moon Duo (who are playing at the Perth Festival) and from there to the Wooden Shjips 2019 album, V. Moon Duo’s album Stars Are The Light is a groove burster; it is by their standards what some of the misguided in the 70s called quite commercial (which was meant as a pejorative). Both have made it to my ‘best of’ 2019 album.

The Pixies came out and released an album, the rather uneven Beneath The Eyrie. It has one of my fav songs of the year on it – gotta love a big bass line, with a great film clip to match. It apparently features a former contestant on America’s Top Model TV program (she dances the way I used to when I had my Ginger Baker style fur coat).  (See below)

Inferno by Robert Forster was a delight – his productivity has increased markedly. I missed his Perth show unfortunately.

It’s been a while coming but the days of the Pirate Bay and like are nearly over, Demonoid is no more and Kickass Torrents appears to have nothing that Pirate Bay doesn’t. PB is still the place to go for movies and TV shows but music less so. With a deal of reluctance I had to buy a few albums this year off iTunes (doubly disappointing as you can see). Included amongst them was The King’s Mouth by The Flaming Lips, which wasn’t as poor as I was expecting.

Wooden Shjips


Robert Forster

Flaming Lips


Got a nice little haul from a Donelly’s auction.


Plus got this very nice triple LP from Satchmo Café, Fitzgerald St, North Perth

Scott Walker. Died aged 76

SwSindogLast year came the book, Sundog, a collection of lyrics of a sample of his songs. It included a few new ones yet to be heard – and now never will. He wrote the words first, then the ‘slabs of sound’ after. That might take two years, might take 10.


Slabs of steam tables
Whiffing of onions and roses
Haunted Jacuzzis churning
All night the native bods squealing B-flat

Like choirs of pigs

Seeking revenge for stolen insulin

Ginger Baker. Died aged 80


Check out the 2012 documentary, Beware of Mr Baker. And while you’re at it the excellent 2006 Scott Walker documentary, 30 Century Man.

Ginger and Fela Kuti did some great stuff together in Nigeria




Some of the books I read this year. Book2




There’s a theory that too much choice can paralyse decision making. SBS on demand tends to bear this out.

Politics etc

We’ve had the ALP review, to which I made a submission, so I won’t add much more. Other than to say I cringed whenever Bill Shorten said ‘the top end of town’ – as if he were Australia’s oldest student politician, and an unconvincing one at that. As soon as Labor announced that pensioners, part pensioners and SMSFs with a pensioner member were exempt from the policy of abolishing cash refunds of franking credits, thus creating two classes of taxpayer that were going to be treated differently on the basis that one was thought to be more deserving than the other, the wheels started to get wobbly.  How could the policy ‘hit’ the rich (the fabled top end of town) when you had to exempt those who got the full or part pension? They too must reside at the top end of town.

How many people understand what cash refunds of franking credits are? Almost no-one could explain it clearly, on either the yay or nay side. I heard on the ABC radio news the other day that the ALP would be reviewing its policy of abolishing franking credits. If the ABC can’t get it right……

The idea of a 2% increase to the top tax rate was bonkers. Their negative gearing policy was confused as to its purpose. Unfortunately it may set back much needed reform in this area for a couple of election cycles.

I think Bill, Wayne and the ALP ‘strategists’ thought they could surf the 1%, occupy Wall St,   inequality movements as they saw it.

I for one welcome the coming theocracy.

I made two other submissions (typing madly away this year), one to the Aged Care Royal Commission – the underpinning funding architecture is one that is bound to lead to shortcuts being taken. And it’s not all about ‘care before profit’, as Twitter has it. The other to the Inspector General of Taxation’s review into the tax angle of deceased estates (it can be a bugger).

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