Highlights of highlights

Getting into the australianrules.com.au archives isn’t easy. We’ve changed platforms (or whatever they’re called) four times and there have been changes of computers along the way. However with Best of season coming up we took a look through the lists we could find and came up with these snippets…

Look out for Best of 2017 contributions coming soon and please send us yours…

Matt Quatermaine favourite song 2007

MagicThe Magic Position – Patrick Wolf.

Ridiculously upbeat and positive, this song never failed to make me smile. In a year when so many attempted to use Beach Boys harmonies and arrangements, this cat gave them all a lesson with more hooks than a Peter Pan convention. “I know how you’ve hurt & been dragged through the dirt/ but c’mon get back up, it’s time to live…”

Vin Maskell best thing 2009

There is only one John Clarke. At a Victoria University writers’ night in April he held an audience of about one hundred students, teachers and visitors in thrall  by just talking about his work. The interviewer, New Zealand-born children’s writer Sherryl Clark, asked one or two questions and then Clarke just got on a roll. When talking about coming up with good ideas he said, “I’m still not sure which ideas might sustain a monologue or a book or a TV series and which ideas might be no more than a lovely chat with my sister on the telephone.” Clarke also pointed out none of The Games his satire about the Sydney Olympic Games, was filmed in Sydney.

Brett Woodward best song 2007

Guitar Wolf – Red Me  (from album Dead Rock).

Embarrassed by including The Buzzcocks, Hawkwind and everything released by On–U Sound on last year’s list, I was forced to find even sneakier ways to include geezer music in my 2007 faves by selecting new songs that sounded like old songs. A death in the band didn’t slow the Wolf any. Class of ’77 guitars start like a jet turbine… and then get louder. The band’s confusing, passionately shouted Japlish shows just how unimportant lyrics are to shirts off, screaming, testicle–swinging, punky good times.

Les Everett movies 2008

I saw a lot of movies in 2008. Most were not too bad. Some, notably, Street Kings and My Blueberry Nights, gave me the shits and others were worthy of further mention….

1. There Will Be Blood: It was big and stark and made me think that one day Robert Drewe’s The Drowner will be made into something that tell an even better Oz story.

2. Cactus: It made me think of Wake in Fright. And that’s good. I don’t know if Bryan Brown is underestimated in Australian film but if he is he shouldn’t be.

3. Burn After Reading: Very funny Coen Bros offering.

4. Vicky, Cristina Barcelona: Woody Allen hits the mark again.

5. Lust Caution: Sexy and scary.

Special mentions to two Australian documentaries Not Quite Hollywood and Salute for furthering my education.

Richard Jones best 10 films for 2009

10. Public Enemies, with Johnny Depp and Kristian Bale.

9. Gran Torino, with ageing Clint Eastwood.

8. Summer Hours (France)

7. Bright Star, with Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw

6. Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy and Kenneth Branagh

5. The Young Victoria, with Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend and Paul Bettany as British Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.

4. Disgrace, with John Malkovich and Jessica Haines.

3. Milk, with Sean Penn.

2. The Reader, with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes.

FROZEN RIVER1. FROZEN RIVER, with Melissa Leo and Misty Upham.

Rick Kane favourite 10 songs for 2008

10. Superstar – Lupe Fiasco

9. Inspiracion – Calexico

8.  Gold – Emmylou Harris

7.  Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

6.  Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes

5.  In My Arms – Teddy Thompson

4.  Marandil – Gurrumul Yunupingu

3.  Born in Time – Bob Dylan

2.  Bad Liver and a Broken Heart – Hayes Carll

1.  Constructive Summer – The Hold Steady

Peter Busher’s nine albums of quality 2011

1. Ron Sexsmith – Long Player- Late Bloomer

2. J.D McPherson – Signs and Signifiers

3. Ry Cooder – Pull up some dust and sit down

4. Joel Paterson – Steel is Real

5. Steve Earle – I’ll never get out of this world alive

6. Allison Krauss and Union Station – Paper Airplane

7. Gillian Welch – The Harrow and the Harvest

8. Teddy Thompson – Bella

9. Mavis Staples – You are not alone.

More archival bests to come…

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