Lots of Dockers have played in WAFL premierships


Subiaco’s premiership team in 2004 contained aspiring Dockers David Mundy & Ryan Crowley. Photos by Les Everett.

THERE’S the potential for 17 Fremantle-listed players to add a WAFL premiership to their CVs on Sunday. They won’t be the first. In fact two of Peel’s team have already played in the winning WAFL grand final while on the Fremantle list – Clancee Pearce (Swan Districts, 2010) and Nick Suban (Claremont, 2012). Subiaco coach Jarrad Schofield was on the Fremantle list when he played in a premiership for the Lions in 2006.

For some it was the start of things to come for others a late accolade.


Nick Suban was part of Claremont’s premiership team in 2012. Jarrad Schofield was an assistant coach.

Players who played in a WAFL premiership team while on the Fremantle list…

Heath Black (South Fremantle 1997)

Matthew Clucas  (East Fremantle 1998)

Ryan Crowley (Subiaco 2004)

Gary Dhurrkay (East Fremantle 1998)

Paul Duffield (South Fremantle 2005)

Mark Gale (Claremont 1996)

Scott Edwards (Claremont 1996)

Phil Gilbert (Claremont 1996)

Daniel Gilmore (South Fremantle 2005, 2009)


South Fremantle 2009

Chris Groom (West Perth 1995)

Roger Hayden (South Fremantle 2005)

Josh Head (South Fremantle 2009)

Clayton Hinkley (Swan Districts 2010)

David Hynes (South Fremantle 1997)

Steven Koops (West Perth 1999, 2003)

Troy Longmuir (West Perth 2003)

Andrew McGovern (Claremont 1996)

Jamie Merillo (Claremont 1996)

Josh Mellington (West Perth 2013)

Neil Mildenhall (West Perth 1995)

David Mundy (Subiaco 2004)

David Muir (Claremont 1996)

Ryan Murphy (South Fremantle 2005, 2009)

Shane Parker (Subiaco 2007)

Clancee Pearce (Swan Districts 2010)michaelwalterssmall

Todd Ridley (Claremont 1996)

Byron Schammer (Claremont 2011)

Jarrad Schofield (Subiaco 2006)

Jess Sinclair (South Fremantle 1997 )

Ryan Smith (West Perth 1995)

Nick Suban (Claremont 2012)

Scott Thornton (South Fremantle 2009)

Michael Walters (Swan Districts 2010, right)

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