Romcom line and length


A look at UnINDIAN…

Fast bowler Brett Lee makes his movie debut in Anupam Sharma’s Bollywood-light  romantic comedy UnINDIAN that opens in many many cinemas around the nation next week.

It’s no real surprise to see Lee, a keen muscian, on the big screen – in 2007 he released a song/video with veteran Indian singer Asha Bhosle and is one cricketer who relished touring India.

Lee stars in the movie as Will who teaches a uni course on “Aussie English” and has his head turned by Indian single mum Meera played by the accomplished Tannishta Chatterjee (Brick Road).

It’s pretty standard romcom fare as Brett attempts to woo Meera while her family tries to steer her towards a more suitable partner – a good looking Indian cardiologist named Smira (Nicholas Brown) who is, according to Meera, “a wanker”.

The villains come in the form of uni head of department John Sanders (John Howard) who reckons Will’s course lacks rigour despite the students loving it (and Will). And then there’s Meera’s sinister ex Deepak (Gulshan Grover).

Lee does a good job in his acting debut, he even acts as a pretty average bowler in the nets for his cricket club. You may recognise Adam Dunn, Tiriel Mora and Arka Das while another in her first film, Maya Sathi as Meera’s daughter Smitha, sparkles.

The film looks great but its biggest shortcoming is a lack of confidence – the filmmakers were so keen to say thanks to those who helped financially that the “product placements” are spectacular. There’s a certain university you may notice and Meera works in marketing for a certain company that does wonderful work – I’m sure she’ll get a bonus for her efforts in Unindian.

This is a movie with a good heart – it’s the first from the Australia India Film Fund and as their confidence grows they will do better things in the future.

Music note

  • Some of the music in UnINDIAN comes from Amanda Brown who, among many other things, was once a member of The Go Betweens.
  • There’s a Brett Lee song over the closing credits called In My Shoes. It sounds a lot like Crowded House and there’s also a touch of Dennis Waterman about it – Lee might risk getting a touch up from Little Britain if they ever come back.

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