McGowan away with Spacey Jane by Song List Rat


A once in a century pandemic needs a hero. A Martin Luther King, a Don Bradman or even an unsung Brigadier Arnold Potts from Kojonup. Sadly world leaders have been  lacking in any form of leadership and even Lassie or Captain Pugwash would have done a better job.

However one man has stepped up to the fore. Premier Mark McGowan using history, geography, sound infection control, and a little good luck, has managed to prevent community spread of COVID-19 in Western Australia allowing the state to open up with minimal restrictions.

Spacey Jane recognise a hero and have gone one step further by nominating the word ‘mcgowan’ into the Oxford Dictionary – “We’re mcgowan on a road trip” Then off they went mcgowan back on the road across rural WA in August.


The Studio 146 crowd are like a pack of rabid salivating dogs. They are tonguing for live music and tonguing to hear Sunlight Spacey Jane’s first LP live. Sunlight was released earlier this year but due to COVID restrictions has not been played live.

Thrills from 2017’s EP sets the tone with a big Kings of Leonesque guitar sound. The crowd is heaving in the small venue. The rest of the set is made up of tracks from Sunlight. Every one a pop classic made for dancing. The lyrics deal with social anxieties but are masked by a Go Betweens sunlight sound.

Waisted On Me mixes vulnerable lyrics with layered grunge guitars. In WA or Queensland it’s all about the light bringing the sound. Tonight Spacey Jane ate the sun. Booster Seat is a standout with duelling guitar from Celeb and Ashton “…in my pants too short, in  my shame up to my knees.”

But Good For You is the crowd favourite. Spacey Jane obviously enjoying hitting their straps in a live performance.

“It’s a preliminarily statement, but it’s as good as it gets ‘til it’s gone.”

If WA can remain CoVid free and continue to support live gigs Premier McGowan needs to have his portrait immortalised on a can of beer.

There was the presence of a real hero tonight.

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