Highlights of highlights 2

Another trawl through the archives and a chance for you to catch up… with 2008 or 2009 or 2010….


Nathan Jarvis live highlight 2011

I did go out to see Lloyd Cole a while ago. Was that this year? It was memorable because I fat-arsed the plastic chair I was sitting in and landed heavily and noisily on a bunch of bottles and stuff. Lloyd stopped to ask the middle-aged assemblage of pasty whiteness if gang war had broken out. I was too annoyed to make the obvious joke about commotions and just sort of sat there in a pile of broken white plastic and overpriced bottles, making sweary sounds in my head.

Song List Rat’s best of 2011

the album of the year which just scraped into 2011 was also the gig of the year. back in june in an old aircraft hanger in Fremantle a woman in a white leather airman suit complete with black belt, black hair and black guitar took to the stage. it was an  an arresting sight. joan wasser aka joan as police woman…

Nick Gye live highlights 2010

Steve Kilbey at the Fly By Night; brilliant. The Blackeyed Susans at the Fly By Night, also brilliant. I saw Black Mountain as part of the Perth Festival but as I  had a morphine shot in the bum that morning but was still in a great deal of pain, I can’t remember much of it.

Dean Schulze best films of 2009

samsondelilahMY top 10 films are listed only with no commentary. This is because when I try to make like a film reviewer I only end up sounding like a repetitious pretentious twat. As such:-

1. Gran Torino

2. Rachel Getting Married

3. Samson and Delilah

4. Milk

5. State of Play

6. Up

7. 500 Days of Summer

8. Sunshine Cleaning

9. The Hangover

10. Ghost Town

An honourable mention goes to Elegy.

Sean Gorman’s top 10 2009

1.  Samson and Delilah

Truly magnificent. A very real tale of two young lovers in Central Australia. A quintessential post-Apology narrative that deals with the residue of the colonial project. If your head hurts during the film this is a good sign, you are engaging.  Cracking soundtrack.  

2. Cedar Boys:  

Another tale from the margin. Young directionless Lebanese men crave respectability through drug deals and easy money. Too much time watching Scarface. Grim portrayal of Western suburbs inertia. Wonderfully shot, great script, great acting.  

3. Disgrace

Beautifully understated drama that looks at the interconnecting themes and issues of rape, sex, geo-politics, inter-generational trauma and coexistence in the new South Africa. Malkovich could stand still and I could watch him for hours. He is great as the flawed English academic who uses sex for his own ends but neither apologises or flinches as the world around him is turned inside out to those that are closest to him. 

4. Inglorious Basterds:

QT has done it again. A rollicking tale of Nazi hunting when the use of Bowie knives was still aok in the USA. Brad Pitt & Christoph Waltz are fantastic.  

5. Simon Gilby exhibition: The Syndicate, Central TAFE, November. 

Quite simply beautiful. If Gilby was living in Sydney he would be a superstar. The fact that he lives and practices in Fremantle says something about his integrity. 

6. Geelong vs St Kilda Grand Final: 

The best one I have seen. Unrelenting, physical and serious value for money. 

7. Aaron Sandilands: 

Finally got the recognition he deserves despite some hacks in the east saying he was not as versatile as  other big men in the AFL namely Mitch Clark. Give me a break. Well done Stretch.  

8. Vagabond Holes: Editied by Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy. 

This is a great summer read for all those interested in one of Australian music’s most underrated practitioners, David McComb (of The Triffids). Contributors include Nick Cave, DBC Pierre, John Kinsella, Judith Lucy and Rob Snarski. 

9. The Kill Devil Hills: 

Man, you should explode. Great album from a great Western Australian band who keep it real and raw – stand out track Siam – rips the shit out of anything I have heard this year. If your head hurts after listening to it – turn it up!

seansbestdeck10. Krakouer!:

What can I say I’m biased but it is not every day you can say your book has been adapted for theatre. Had a sell-out season and will be toured regionally. Having another season in October.   




Pat Sedgley’s assessment of 2009

Music: didn’t buy many CDs but the following I heard and liked:

Pete Molinari – Today, Tomorrow and Forever. Pete backed by the Jordanaires.

Anadou & Mariam – Sabali

Trentemoller – Harbour Boat Trips – best compilation to come out of Copenhagen in 2009

Phoenix – Kitsue Tabloid. Another good compilation.

Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

David Bridie best records, some movies, a book and a big big footy statement 2009.

Gulaan –  D‘espirit Dhier   

Luluc – Dear Hamlyn   

Bon Iver  For Emma, forever Ago

Grand Salvo – Grand Salvo

TV on the Radio – Dear Science

Dengue Fever – Venus on earth

Best films (haven’t really seen that many…but these are thoroughly recommended)

Waltz with Bashir


Slumdog Millionaire

Cormac Mccarthy’s book The Road is the best thing Ive read for yonks

Cale Morton will be the new Robbie Flower (! ed)

Paul Daffey. The top five parks in Melbourne 2008

I love music, film and books, but with three kids under five years of age I don’t get much of a chance to do them. The only new CD I heard in 2008 was Lucinda Williams’s Little Honey, which sounds at once tougher and happier than previous releases.

Of the few gigs I saw, the best was Died Pretty’s reprise of the Doughboy Hollow album at the Forum in Melbourne. I saw many familiar faces from gigs of long ago. Every track was brilliant.

Almost every day I take the kids to the park to get them out of their mother’s hair. So here’s my contribution to the lists for 2008: the top five parks in Melbourne (or at least my pocket of Melbourne).

1. Rainbow Park: I have no idea of this park’s official name but my oldest son calls it the Rainbow Park because it comes in bright colours. It’s to the west of the Museum and Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens. There’s a big slide and lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in. We can never drive down Rathdowne Street without Michael commenting that he’d like to go back to the Rainbow Park.

2. Merri Park: This is our closest park. Just as well it’s a good one. Situated behind the Northcote High School, not far from the Merri Creek, it features a big wooden fort. The kids run up and down and round and round. They should be dog tired when they get home, but it never seems to work that way.

3. Rocket Park: It’s really Batman Park, on the corner of St George’s Road and Separation Street in Northcote, but its main attraction is a slide in the shape of a rocket, so Rocket Park it is. Michael never tires of tearing down that slide. I’m usually persuaded to also have a go, in recent times with Ellen on my knee. It’s quite fun, actually.

4. Curtain Park: This is in Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, opposite the Kent Hotel. It’s very central, so a great meeting place for dispersed friends. There are many nearby cafes and coffees are easy to come by. Carlton North is a moneyed area, so many of the parents are too well-dressed for my liking (I can’t believe the effort some people make to go to the park), but my misgivings are offset by the calibre of yummy mummies, which is very high.

5. Princes Park: This is a little playground just behind the south-eastern forward pocket of the Blues’ footy ground. The slide is a ripper and there’s a multi-swing set-up that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Princes Park itself features a track around its perimeter that attracts runners at any time of day or night. It’s a pleasant diversion in between pushing your kids on the swing to watch the passing parade of runners, from clod-hopping old blokes to sprightly students. There are en tout cas tennis courts just behind the swings, and I’m always fascinated when anyone bothers to play tennis.

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