New Tiger bolts in for Sandover win


Not everything has gone right for Jye Bolton in his move from Werribee in the VFL to Claremont in the WAFL this year. But when he sits down to watch the grand final on Sunday, wishing he was out there, he may perhaps reflect that he doesn’t have much to complain about. Originally from Leopold in the Geelong Football League, Bolton has etched a place in WA football history by winning the Simpson Medal for the interstate game and now the Sandover Medal.

An elite runner, Bolton spent the 2011 season on Collingwood’s rookie list and enjoyed a great season with Claremont who didn’t make the finals.

Runner-up in the Sandover was Peel’s Matt de Doer who played just 12 games.

Here’s a list of the top 15 in the voting.

Jye Bolton (Claremont) 49

Matt de Boer (Peel) 42

Clint Jones (Perth) 39

Liam Anthony (East Fremantle) 29

Shane Nelson (West Perth) 28

Chris Phelan (Subiaco) 27

Aaron Black (West Perth) 27*

Jay Van Berlo (West Perth) 26*

Ashton Hams (South Fremantle) 25*

Shane Hockey (South Fremantle) 25

Patrick McGinnity (East Perth) 24

George Hampson (East Fremantle) 22*

Rory O’Brien (Peel) 20

Aidan Tropiano (Perth) 20

Liam Ryan (Subiaco) 19


It’s interesting to note that 13 of the top 15 are midfielders, Hampson plays forward with turns in the midfield while Ryan is a small forward. And of those 13 all have a place in the top 21 possession winners for the season except McGinnity. Jones disposed of the ball more than anyone in 2016, O’Brien was second, Black third and Bolton fourth.


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