Best of 2014 by Sean Gorman

Screen shot 2014-12-20 at 7.33.24 PM1)   Hip Bone Sticking Out (Yigala Yala Project, Perth Theatre Company)
Featuring Trevor Jamieson and Lex ‘leave the money on the fridge’ Marinos as ‘Death’, HBSO takes the audience and a transcendental journey of the last moments of John Pat’s life. Sixteen-year-old Pat died in a Roebourne lockup in 1983 sparking the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody. This sets up the bigger story of the Pilbara and the struggle of the Yindjibarndi people for 150 years. Incredible.

2)   Grand Budapest Hotel
Strange, compelling and hilarious. A comedy film written and directed by Wes Anderson and inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig. Starring Ralph Fiennes as a concierge who teams up with one of his employees (Tony Revolori) to prove his innocence after he is framed for murder. Did for the GILF demographic what American Pie did for teenagers.

3)   12 Years a Slave
An adaptation of the 1853 slave narrative memoir Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup, a New York State-born free African-American man who was kidnapped in Washington, DC, in 1841. Harrowing that this is how we treated people and more disturbing that the vestiges of prejudice still linger.

4)   Perth by David Whish-Wilson  (Newsouth)
Looking for a Xmas present? This is it! Great historical interrogation by Whish-Wilson who deftly uses the primary documents and places of Perth and weaves a beautifully realized book that is both economical and insightful.

5)   Zero @ the Bone by David Whish-Wilson (Penguin Viking)
Following on from the excellent Line of Sight  ex-detective Frank Swann is pushing the shit up hill at  a time when the state just wants to get on the piss and have some fun. The corruption and the bullshit flows like the Swan River. This book is a great read from the Keith Greig of Australian literature.

6)   Bruce Springsteen Concert
What can I say – three hours where my smile just grew and grew. From Highway to Hell right through to the finale Thunder Road  it was simply awesome.

7)   True Detective
Frightening, strange and dipped in southern voodoo and Cajun hot sauce this mini series is as good as TV gets. I even have to concede it is better than my all-time favourite The Sopranos. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey have come a long way.

8)   Fargo
Who would have thought that a re-work of the film would turn a mini series into one of the best pieces of TV in years. Set in 2006, Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) passes through Bemidji, Minnesota and starts to mess with insurance salesman Lester Nygaard’s (Martin Freeman) mind and life. Great.

9)   Dockers History/Pav’s 300th
Could not split these – the book (Fremantle Dockers: An Illustrated History, Slattery Media)  is a great four quarter effort from Everett who charts the pain, pathos and the Pav over 20 years. If you are Freo you need this book.
Pav’s 300th game was the most electric match I have ever witnessed – he and the Dockers were on and it was a four quarter demolition of the Cats. Well Done Pav.

10)  Inside Llewyn Davis

Written, directed and edited by Joel and Ethan Coen. It is set in 1961 and follows one week in the life of Llewyn Davis, a folk singer struggling to achieve musical success while keeping his life in order.
Apparently the story is partly inspired by the autobiography of folk singer Dave Van Ronk with a splash of Dylan.

*Notable mentions Bob Dylan Concert and The Wolf of Wall Street.

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