FIDA Seagulls notch second win

Williamstown FIDA defeated North Ballarat by 47 points in the Division 1  Round 2 game at the Fearon Reserve on Sunday 27 April.
Under clear skies, the Seagulls began brightly to lead by 40 points at half-time. North Ballarat, which has lost many premiership players from last year, had a stronger second half. However, they were regularly repelled by full-back Simana Kuila, whose left-foot pinpoint passes set up many Seagull attacks.
“Our boys didn’t give up,” said North Ballarat coach Terry Firth. “They just kept going. Full credit to them, and to the Williamstown players.”
Despite their loss, the visitors sportingly played a second match, against Williamstown Reserves, winning by four goals. 

Next Sunday Williamstown travel to Seaford to take on Kananook, fresh from big wins over the under-sized but determined Wyndham.
“With their taller and much bigger players, they ran rings around our under sized team,” said Tigers coach Paul Barrett. “Daniel Quinn and Jamie Mifsud never stopped trying all day and Daniel Chandler and Brad Hunter played good second halves.
“Next week against North Ballarat at home we will be hoping for some more intensity to try to bring home the bacon.”
FIDA is  a league for players with intellectual disabilities. See

Williamstown 10.8 (68) def North Ballarat 3.3 (21)
Williamstown: Hays 3, O’Connor 2, Murphy 2, R Causon, G Causon, Barrett
North Ballarat: Rowe 2, Clarke
Williamstown: Kuila, Green, Deane, Hays, O’Connor
North Ballarat: Hill, Trezise, Rowe, Donnelly
North Ballarat 8.14 (62) def Williamstown 6.2 (38)
Williamstown: Halley 2, Villiers 2, Lang , Shubeilat
Williamstown: Garner, Shubeilat, Halley, Oakley, Belden
Kananook 16.9 (105) def Wyndham 2.7 (19)
Wyndham goals: Grey, Quin
Wyndham best: Quin, Chandler, Mifsud, Hunter
Kananook 18. 14 (122) def Wyndham 2.2 (14)
Wyndham goals: Maryanne Loy, Allwood
Wyndham best: Jason Loy, Grieg Thomas and Aaron Watts

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