Top notch Willy win by VIN MASKELL


Peter Faulks (left), back from his stint as a Docker, enjoys windy Willy.

Peter Faulks (left), back from his stint as a Docker, enjoys windy Willy.

1924 VFA Grand Final replay

The VFL game between home team Williamstown and the Footscray Bulldogs was the first meeting of the teams since the 1924 VFA Grand Final. (Footscray won and then joined the VFL/AFL in 1925.)

The game was also the first match between the two teams that were aligned for several years before Williamstown started divorce proceedings in 2013.

Williamstown were coming off two narrow losses, while Footscray had thumped Richmond by 20 goals last week at Whitten Oval.

The Seagulls established their authority with a five goal opening quarter, showing their knowledge of the sea-breeze, especially when kicking to the scoreboard end. Footscray got to within four goals in an even third term but the home team, coached from the boundary by new coach Andy Collins, pulled away in the last quarter. Kicking into the wind, they snared  four more majors  to win by seven goals.

Williamstown’s best players included Scott Coulston, Anthony Anastasio and Peter Faulks. Footscray was well served by Brett Goodes, Ayce Cordy and Fletcher Roberts (who all played for Williamstown during the alignment era).

Williamstown 15.8 (98) def Footscray 7.15 (57)


The Williamstown huddle.

The Williamstown huddle.

Next week Williamstown take on Richmond at the Punt Road Oval and Footscray play the Northern Blues at the Whitten Oval.

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