A dozen of my favourite movies for 2018 by Richard Jones


Richard Jones looks back at a busy viewing year

I think we all blinked when we read in about April or May comments from Fairfax Media film critics that with the Oscars season over we’d seen the best movies for the year. And in a way, looking back, I’d have to now agree. My Top Six for 2018 were all viewed before the end of April. It was a very ‘skinny’ few months after that although by the end of the year things were looking up again. Continue reading


A Soviet show of terror and back room dealings by Richard Jones

A look at The Death Of Stalin (MA 15+)

stalinEVEN though 1953 seems a long time ago, and indeed it is, this film recreates the scenes of Moscow and the antics of Russian dictator Josef Stalin and his henchmen as if it was yesterday. Continue reading