Help yourselves Demons


Action from Des Penman Reserve. I wanted more action from the scoreboard attendants.

WAFL round 18… and a bit of PFL…

With two rounds to go the fight for fifth spot is still on. Perth have the last place in the five and will hold onto it if they win their last two games – and that will mean playing finals for the first time since 1997. Everybody wants that*.

The Demons had a chance to seal it when they played sixth placed West Coast on Saturday. They played ok but couldn’t get a score on the board. The Eagles will move into the fifth place if they win one more game than Perth in the next two. And nobody wants that**.

West Coast 9.17 (71) Perth 7.10 (52)

Peel have a silly chance of making the finals if they win their last two and Perth and West Coast do a bit of losing. But, like the Demons and their AFL parent team, the Thunder road to goal is long and winding. They didn’t get close to South Fremantle on Saturday with Brock Higgins and Haiden Schloithe starring for the Bulldogs.

South Fremantle 11.16 (82) Peel 6.6 (42)

Subiaco are four games clear on top of the ladder and appear destined for another premiership. Who would want that?*** The score at half time at Leederville on Saturday was top team Subi 10.10 (70) bottom team Swans 1.1 (7). It didn’t completely blow out. Ben Sokol kicked six goals for the Lions.

Subiaco 15.16 (106) Swan Districts 7.2 (44)

East Fremantle slipped into eighth place by beating East Perth. That’s good progress. Blaine Boekhurst continued his brilliant form.

East Fremantle 12.6 (78) East Perth 11.4 (70)

It was tight until mid-way through the third quarter at Claremont with the home team stretching the lead out to 17 points. Then West Perth put the foot down. Led by midfielders Shane Nelson and Aaron Black, the electric Rudy Riddoch and four goals from veteran Andrew Strijk, the Falcons powered away and announced themselves as contenders. And who wouldn’t want that?****

West Perth 16.8 (104) Claremont 8.12 (60)

The ladder: Subiaco 60; South Fremantle 44; Claremont 44; West Perth 36; Perth 32; West Coast 28; Peel 24; East Fremantle 20; East Perth 20; Swan Districts 12.

Coming up…

Round 19: Friday: East Perth vs West Coast. Saturday: Subiaco vs West Perth; Swan Districts vs Perth; Perth vs East Fremantle; South Fremantle vs Claremont.

Round 20: West Perth vs South Fremantle; East Fremantle vs West Coast; Claremont vs Swan Districts; East Perth vs Subiaco; Peel vs Perth.

* Except maybe some East Perth supporters still scarred by the 1960s.

** Yeah nobody.

*** Maybe the 47 Subiaco fans.

**** Any East Perth fan. Unless the Falcons were playing the Eagles.


Meanwhile I went to Des Penman Reserve in Nollamara where Coolbinia were too good for the home team in C2 of the Perth Football League.

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