WAFL class man by Les Everett


South Fremantle’s Brock Higgins. All photos by Les Everett.

First an apology for those of you in the east who rely on me rather than the sugar train for your WAFL news. I’ve been busy in an unexpected and unfamiliar way. Working. One of those things where you go in to some place at 8am and they let you out about 4pm… and in my case it was for five (5) consecutive days in the same week – for TWO weeks.

My friend Bruce summed it up pretty well years ago when he wrote…

Man takes his lunch

Walks out in the morning light

It’s the workin’, the workin’

It’s the workin’ life

Fortunately the WA Day holiday has come along allowing me to allow you to catch up on the news.

Stunning things have happened in the WAFL. You’ve gotta believe me…


Marlion Pickett.


1. East Fremantle won a game and then they won again. The Sharks had gone almost a year without victory.

2. Subiaco lost a game – the first since the 2017 grand final. Then they went back to winning again.

And other things too…

1. Harley Bennell returned with two strong games for Peel.

2. Swans kept losing close ones.

3. Peel and West Coast remained impossible to read perhaps because we never know what the AFL aligned teams are up to.

4. Perth fell into a hole and then emerged from it after half time on Saturday.

5. Every team has a chance of making the finals.

6. Three WAFL clubs lost players to the AFL’s mid-season draft.

• JDelucaSubiaco: Josh Deluca (Carlton) and Jack Mayo (St Kilda)

• East Fremantle: Dillon O’Reilly (Fremantle)

• South Fremantle: Marlion Pickett (Richmond)

Only Deluca (left) is a prospect to play at AFL level this year. Pickett has an injured finger while Mayo and O’Reilly are not regular league players in the WAFL. As compensation for losing these players the WAFL clubs receive nothing.


Round eight…

Clint Jones put in an incredible performance to shake the Demons back into action at Lathlain Park on Saturday. Perth’s big midfield is their strength and Cody Leggett, Matt Taylor and Corey Yeo were also influential.

Perth 11.14 (80) Swan Districts 11.8 (74)

In the early Sunday game, played as a curtain raiser at Perth Stadium, Claremont jumped West Coast and looked in control leading by 34 points at half time. The Eagles came back and made it tight by keeping the Tigers scoreless in the third quarter. The CPR worked and Claremont came back to life in the last to win easily. Jye Bolton and Kane Mitchell were the Tiger stars.

Claremont 12.7 (79) West Coast 6.12 (48)

Subiaco went down south for the long weekend and dumped Peel on the way. The Lions have a new tamer, Craig Hiskins, and he did a good job on Harley Bennell in the middle two quarters and Harry Marsh was tight in defence. Stefan Giro will miss the rest of the season after he injured a knee badly while Hayden Ballantyne kicked three goals.

Subiaco 15.9 (99) Peel 8.10 (58)


It was tight at three quarter time in the Fremantle derby but South ran over the home team in the last quarter. Dylan Main was outstanding for the Bulldogs and kicked four goals, Blayne Wilson played with authority in defence and Jacob Dragovich and Brendon Verrier were busy and effective. Tom Monaghan kicked three goals for the Sharks. The ruck duel between Brock Higgins (SF) and Jonathon Griffin (EF) (above) was a highlight.


Jacob Dragovich (SF) and Nic Kommer (EF) .

South Fremantle 16.7 (103) East Fremantle 10.11 (71)

In the Perth derby East Perth confirmed they are back with a 10-point victory at Leederville Oval. Mitchell Dobson kicked four goals for the Royals and Ramsay Jackson continued his brilliant form. Zac Guadagnin was strong in defence for the Falcons.

East Perth 10.12 (72) 9.8 (62)

The ladder: Subiaco 28; South Fremantle 28; Perth 24; Claremont 20; Peel 12; West Perth 12; East Perth 12; Swan Districts 8; West Coast 8; East Fremantle 8.

Round nine: Saturday: Subiaco vs Perth. Sunday: East Perth vs East Fremantle; West Perth vs West Coast.

I promise to return to a proper work-footy-life balance soon.


Shark Ambrose Ryan.

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