Main course Yellow Days by Song List Rat


2018 and the Rat walks into a 1-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo and orders the set menu. The chef asks would you like wine pairing or vinyl pairing? It is a no brainer.

The fourth removed is a tuna carpaccio with milt . The chef spins Yellow Days LP is everything ok in your world? It’s genre bending stuff. The music is so sweet like raw tuna in your mouth but the lyrics have the bitterness of milt spilt in the name of unrequited love.

Cut to Laneway 2019 and Yellow Days are kicking it all off in Fremantle with THE WAY THINGS CHANGE. George van den Broek is a multi-instrumentalist pushing 20 who sings like an old blues legend but declines genre classification.

With a full band on stage YELLOW DAYS sound moves close to the Funkisphere. The blue Vox Teardrop guitar produces a mellow sunlight sound while George’s  growls and croons and yelps expose the incongruous moods between his sound and his lyrics. In HURT IN LOVE you feel the the weight of George’s synaesthesia (where sounds cause a visualisation of colour) and the deepening yellow mist of depression that descends onto the stage.

YOUR HAND HOLDING MINE is a beautiful gut wrenching song that tackles desolation, anxiety and newfound but all too quickly lost love. GAP IN THE CLOUDS is perfection in a song as is the jazz influenced THE TREE I CLIMB.

The set closes with the mesmerising HOW CAN I LOVE YOU that came out late in 2018 . Live the band bend classic jazz and blues into a sound that propels George’s voice and songwriting into something new and of this generation. It is ephemeral but will last forever as your favourite colour. Heady stuff indeed.

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