When effort isn’t everything


Elie Brush puts an end to a Fremantle attack.

Giving great effort is good. Great even. The Fremantle AFLW team gives that but there’s something missing.

On Saturday at Fremantle Oval the Dockers came up against a GWS team that gave as good as they got and then had more of what Fremantle lacked… talent.


Pheobe McWilliams completes a mark before kicking the first goal while the scoreboard attendants wait to get into action.

To be more specific the Dockers have a number of players whose kicking is sloppy and whose handballs miss targets. They produce very few scoring opportunities and their lack of marking strength is such that kicking along the ground into the forward line could be a tactic worth considering.

When the wind picked up in the second quarter on Saturday the game was set up for Fremantle but the Giants kicked two goals to none and really that was just about that. The Dockers are fit and keep coming but really watching them go into the forward line can be a bit torturous – two of their goals on Saturday were from 50-metre penalties and one wasn’t really a shot for goal.

Elie Brush was good in the backline for GWS, Phoebe McWilliams and Cora Stanton were a handful in attack and Amanda Farrugia showed a bit of class. The tackling by the Giants was particularly impressive – they stuck.


I thought this might have been a bit high on Kara Donnellan. The umpire was obviously in a better position.

Ebony Antonio was again in fine touch for Freo, maybe it’s time to send her foward – she can take a mark. Kara Donnellan almost ran herself into the ground and Stephanie Cain capped a solid game with a goal from a mile out late in the last quarter.

GWS 6.3 (39) Fremantle 3.3 (21)

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