Unholy Toledo by Song List Rat

ToledoSongListAs Perth sweltered in the after effects of tropical cyclone Kelvin on the sort of night made for serial killer Eric Edgar Cook a cannibal flew into town.

Make no mistake Will Toledo is a cannibal, a genuine bulimiac rock’n roll cannibal. Toledo started his solo recording career on Bandcamp in 2010 as Car Seat Headrest. By the time he signed to Matador Records five years later he had released 12 albums . Along the way he had ingested every bit of rock music ever written and spewed it back out in his own original form. Over 100 songs by the age of 22. Not content with his bedroom/car seat recordings in 2016 he ate some musicians and toured his solo project with a live band. It was a phenomenal transformation at Laneway Festivals in 2017. Not satiated with this Toledo then ate his  bedroom masterpiece 2011’s Twin Fantasy and rereleased a new album in 2018 of the same name and same songs.

When Toledo takes the the stage at the Rosemount Hotel the band is not Car Seat Headrest (CSH) except Toledo is on keyboard singing a song. Now he has cannibalised a whole band! The band is Naked Giants and it’s their song TV they are playing. Now the band CSH walk on stage and continue to play with Naked Giants who never leave. Song Fill in the Blank is an absolute tour de force with the twin bands producing the effect of 20 guitar parts layered together. The song itself is unimpeachable. Not since Nivana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit has a song captured the mood of the now generation. Most of the set reproduces the brilliant layered sound of the new Twin Fantasy. But with Toledo there are always going to be amazing covers .It’s just which covers will he play. The first is Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Powderfinger which is as incendiary as the original. For a first encore comes Frank Ocean’s White Ferrari with Toledo only on keyboard before being joined by both bands as he leads into his own Twin Fantasy. The last cover is Nina Simone’s Do What Yuou Gotta Do which ends the night affirming that Toledo the Cannibal is a true rock’n roll genius.

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