Big Bash observations and solutions

The Big Bash has sucked us in. Neat TV package. Fair bit of excitement. Even got us some of us caring about a team.

Then it comes to finals time and things get totally stupid. The BBL grand final is on Sunday 4 February.  A T20 international between Australia and New Zealand has been scheduled for Saturday 3 February. Players chosen in the Australian T20 team can’t play in the BBL finals because the national team is going into a “camp”.

Apparently scheduling is difficult. But what about if they’d made the first T20 international between NZ and England? (It’s a tri-nation thing.) And what about if they just forgot about the camp business… players will learn more in a high-stakes BBL final than by going camping.

With these minor adjustments the best players could play in the BBL finals and we could be convinced it’s a serious competition. Imagine, for example, that the AFL decided State of Origin was important for the growth of the game or something. And scheduled State of Origin for the week before the AFL Grand Final. And made players chosen for the State of Origin ineligible for the AFL finals. Luckily our footy teams mean more to us than our bash mobs.

While on the BBL can I make a couple more requests…

  1. Channel 10 commentators. Please let’s have lots less talk about your kids – the exposure won’t do them any good. More insightful Ricky Ponting-style observations and less Brad Hodge whinging would be nice too.
  2. I noticed during a very early game when Mitchell Starc was a guest in the commnentary box that he paused when a ball was being delivered. That shows respect for the game. Prattling on doesn’t.
  3. Could we have some consideration for Shane Watson? He looks so upset whenever he gets out – what about some kind of dispensation?

Anyway, might see you at the finals.

One thought on “Big Bash observations and solutions

  1. I don’t know if I care about a BBL team, so to speak, but I think I’ve figured out there are eight of them: orange, pink, green, red, light blue, purple, aqua and… Better colours than the Australian egg yellow uniform…I do care about the bowlers because it’s pretty much Lambs To the Slaughter for them. Hiding to Nothing. James Faulkner got hit for six fours in a row the other night. That’s not right. That’s not an even battle between bat and ball…. Regards. An old fogey.

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