You have the right to call it Perth Stadium by Les Everett

WE should call the new Perth stadium Perth Stadium.

The state government seems hellbent on naming the “best stadium in Australia” after some corporation but we don’t have to.

By we I mean you dear member of the public, you Seven West Media and Channel Nine and Channel 10 and 6PR and Sport FM and any other member of the media likely to mention this place lots.

You see I don’t understand why the commercial media (and some members of the public) slavishly give in when naming rights rears its ugly head at sports venues. What’s in it for you? You’re being conned into giving free plugs to a business and that is definitely not part of your business plan or no-one’s-gonna-tell-me-what-to-do-Western-Australian-ness.

The mainstream media needs to take the lead and it won’t be hard. Imagine an editorial meeting at The West Australian (they could send the minutes to the others in Seven West empire).

Editor: “Ok everyone listen up. You know how a few years ago we decided we wouldn’t distinguish titles of movies and books and things in our stories? No ‘inverted commas’ or italics. Sure it means our readers need to double take when they see seemingly random words in sentences but it’s saved us a lot of mucking around. Right. Well here’s the latest addition to our style guide. The new stadium will be referred to as Perth Stadium in all our editorial coverage. Any questions or comments.”

Journo: “Yeah, sir, that’s what I have to remember when I work for the ABC.”

Editor: “Shut up Duffield. Don’t mention them here.”

Copy writer: “Sir, what if it’s an advertorial?

Editor: “Ahh ye$, well that’$ another $tory.”

And why should we do this?

It’s for our own dignity as Western Australians. We paid for this thing and the name should reflect that. When people all over the country and all over the world see this mighty facility they should think immediately about us and our capital city and of coming here to spend some money.

There is no doubt that the previous government stuffed things up but the millions raised from naming rights at Perth Stadium will do nothing to fix WA’s bottom line.

When the previous premier set his jaw and said, “It will be called Perth Stadium,” he was, for once, right. And we ultimately have the naming rights.


Note: The name Elizabeth Quay is another matter…

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