Broome draw for Saints and Bombers



There were two games going on. One was behind the goals. Photos by Les Everett.

West Kimberley Football League

NAIDOC round 10


It’s a draw. No one’s happy. No one’s not.

The highlight of the West Kimberley Football League NAIDOC round of fixtures at Father McMahon Sports Field in Broome on Saturday was the thrilling draw between the Peninsula Bombers and Broome Saints.


There were many momentum swings, some great set-shot kicking for goal and in the end the teams couldn’t be separated on the goal umpires’ scorecards – there is no scoreboard at McMahon (yet).


The goal ump marks his card while Bombers defender R Hunter runs off.

Alroy Gilligan kicked five goals for Saints, Scott Wilson scored three and Nathan Pigrim was in brilliant form.


A goal coming up for the Saints.

Keenan Matsumoto was the best of the Bombers and Caleb Clifton also played well. It was the second draw of the season for the Bombers.

Peninsula Bombers 13.9 (87) Saints 13.9 (87)



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