WA flick the switch and sting Vic Country


Sam Powell-Pepper was highly influential. All photos by Les Everett

The AFL 18s game between WA and Vic Country at Subiaco was buzzing along nicely. The home team kept their noses in front but slick ball movement brought goals at opportune times for the visitors and as three quarter time approached the result still looked in doubt. 


The iPad tappers and notebook scribblers were busy and the friends and family crowd proud. And everyone was happy that the game had been moved from Leederville Oval to Subi.


Shai Bolton

With three minutes to go before three quarter time WA led by four points. Then the levy broke. WA slammed on three quick goals including a beauty from the boundary by Sam Powell-Pepper and one on the run from a centre clearance from Stan Wright. WA took a good lead to the break.

Just 20 seconds into the last quarter Powell-Pepper scored again follwed quickly by Luke Strandica and Liam Baker. Suddenly it was a bit of a thrashing.

The onlookers would have been pleased with Powell-Pepper’s strength and influence on the game. But there were others to impress. Matt Guelfi won lots of clearances. Shai Bolton showed dash on a wing. Strandica kicked four goals. Quenton Narkle ran hard and showed some creativity. Liam Baker was busy in a David Bain kind of way but was falttened by a head-high bump from Kayle Kirby late in the game. Aidan Clarke kicked well and Zac Fisher, already a hit at league level with Perth this year, showed a lot of skill.


Jarred Korewha

Hugh McCluggage was very impressive in the midfield for the Country boys, I liked Jarrod Korewha at centre half back where he won a great tustle with Jake Waterman, Tom Jok was lively and constructive on a wing, Josh Battle kicked four goals and Joseph Atley involved himself strongly though he wasted some disposals.


Liam Baker

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