Awesomed by S-K by Song List Rat


Many years ago I made a personal pact never to see a band or artist on a comeback tour. Some warped ideal that old music should be dead and buried on vinyl and that the artists should not become the walking dead. comeback tours came and went and I just stayed at home watching TV and missed some absolutely legendary comeback tours. Then after a 14 year hiatus The Go Betweens reformed and with the help of their friends the iconic American band Sleater-Kinney recorded The Friends of Rachel Worth. It was a great lp.  Luckily I broke my pact and saw a killer concert. Last year somewhat like the Go-Bees Sleater-Kinney reformed after a 10 year break recording  lp NO CITIES TO LOVE. it was equally as good as anything they had recorded previously. I was not going to stand on principle and miss this comeback tour. Sleater-Kinney played without any standout track. only because every song was sooo good. all the energy of AC/DC but with added brains. Fabulous driving based out guitars from Carrie Brownstein  and Corin Tucker with their interwoven punkish but highly cerebral vocals. drums (and occasionally mouth organ) from Janet Wiess. when you see Weiss drumming live there is no doubt she is the greatest drummer in the world today. after 90 minutes of relentless playing there is nothing left in the tank for band or audience. Total awesomeness

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