Fairest & best in the WAFL 2015


The top five (or as close as we could find to five) in the fairest and best counts at the WAFL clubs in 2015… in premiership order.


Outridge Medal

1.Chris Phelan

2.Leigh Kitson

3.Clancy Wheeler

4.Jordan Lockyer

5.Scott Hancock

West Perth

Breckler Medal Black

1.Aaron Black
2.Jay van Berlo
3.Steven Browne

4.Marcus Adams

East Perth

FD Book Medal

1.Paul Johnson (main picture)

2.Garry Moss

3.Kane Lucas

4.Brendan Lee


Tuckey MedalBallard

1.Jacob Ballard

2.Josh Bootsma

3.Connor Blakely

4.Brady Grey

5.Brendan Jones



EB Cook Medal

1.Matt Davies

2.Brandon Franz

3.Corey Yeo

4.Tom Ledger

5.Ryan Neates

Swan Districtsriggio

Swan Medal

1.Matt Riggio

2.Ryan Davis

3.Tony Notte

4.Nathan Broad

5.Tallan Ames

South Fremantle

Hughes Medal

Hams1.Ashton Hams

2.Ryan Cook

3.Marlion Pickett

4.Kyle Hams

5.Adam Guglielmana

Brock O'Brien.

East Fremantle

Lynn Medal

1.Brock O’Brien

2.Jamie McNamara

3.Cameron Eardley

4.Robert Young

5.Rory O’Brien


Butcher Medal

1.Aidan TropianoAidanTropinano

2.Liam McKenna

3.Jared Bell

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