AFL says sorry to Fyfe


THE AFL has made an apology to Fremantle’s Nathan Fyfe by making the following changes to the match review panel and tribunal system…

· All offences to now be categorised as fines or weeks of suspension, no longer using any reference to base demerit points.

· The elimination of carry over points on any offence.

· Conduct now to be graded in two categories only – intentional or careless.

· The MRP to issue fines, two-game and three-game suspensions, with more serious offences referred to the Tribunal.

· Simplification of the Bad Record provisions, with a maximum addition of a one extra week’s suspension on a penalty.

· Retention of discounts for early pleas (lowering of fines or one-match suspension reduction), but removal of automatic good record provision.

· Brownlow Medal eligibility to be based around whether a player was suspended / not suspended for a match in any particular home and away season.

· Introduction of fines for low level offences, but with suspensions available to repeat third-offenders within a season.

· MRP retains the capacity to upgrade impact where there is the potential to cause injury.

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