My favourite app by Vin Maskell

This little app drives the car for you while you’re texting

Changes gears, changes lanes, changes everything

This little app pushes the child on the swing while you’re tweeting

Back and forward, back and forward

This little app thanks the bus-driver, the taxi-driver, the butcher

This little app watches the movie and eats the popcorn while you’re messaging

This little app talks to the neighbour, the carpenter, the courier

This little app listens to the band while you’re filming

This little app chats to the checkout girl, the baker, the green-grocer

This little app eats the meal you’re Instagramming

This little app crosses the train tracks for you

This little app makes eye contact with passers-by

This little app apologises for you

This little app catches the child who’s falling from the swing

This little app calls the ambulance after the car-crash

This little app prays for you in Intensive Care

And this little app blesses the soul

Of the other driver


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