Sharks back on top after another close one

• Lots of close ones in the WAFL this year

Minutes after Fremantle secured victory over Hawthorn at Perth Stadium East Fremantle won a thriller a short walk away at the WACA. The Sharks were two points down at three quarter time and held on in the closing stages. Cody Leggett kicked five goals in his best game for East Fremantle, Matthew Jupp outpointed the dangerous Tyler Keitel and Milan Murdock was lively in the midfield. Keegan Knott kicked four goals for the Falcons.

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A wartime spy caper which tricked the Nazis by Richard Jones

Even though we’re nearly eight decades past the end of World War 2 there’s still no shortage of movies about the massive conflict. One of the latest involves a clever scheme dreamed up by behind-the-scenes special secret British agents to convince Hitler and his generals that the Allied were planning a 1943 invasion of Greece as their spearhead into re-taking Europe. Not Sicily and then mainland Italy as was the case involving a huge land and sea operation which remained an ultra-secret.

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Shanahan has you figured out by Song List Rat

Some musical heroes swagger into town like Genghis Khan announcing intent to conquer all by wielding electric guitars like scimitars. Others fly under the radar like Clark Kent and then turn into Superwoman. Helen Shanahan slunk into the first weekend of the Denmark Festival of Voice like a gut shot deer (Deer In Headlights) and left an all-conquering hero. 

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Big WAFL weekend and my part in a winning goal

• There was interest in the pack forming behind the goals as Peel’s Josh Treacy lined up for the second/third attempt at the winning goal. The young man with the fine head of hair actually marked it under great pressure. Photos by Les Everett

WAFL round seven

The WA Day long weekend is always a big one in the WAFL and this year there was a bonus with Nat Fyfe’s return to football significantly boosting the crowd at Leederville Oval. 

• Subiaco’s Lachlan Delahunty keeps a tight hold on Peel’s Nat Fyfe.
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Sharks dismiss Lions at the WACA

The mighty WACA scoreboard. Photos by Les Everett

WAFL round six

I took in a lot of the WAFL last weekend. All of Peel and Claremont from Rushton Park via Channel Seven’s telecast – it’s good, by the way, their AFL colleagues could take note. And a bit of the East Fremantle-Subiaco game from the WACA and East Perth-West Coast at Leederville Oval.

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Sharks at home in the bush by Les Everett

• WAFL action at Northampton. Photos by Les Everett

WAFL round three

It’s not often a team scores 10 goals in the first quarter and losses. It’s not often a team doesn’t score a goal in two quarters and wins. At Northampton East Fremantle used the howling wind and blew East Perth away in the first quarter scoring 10.4 (64) to 1.4 (10). For the rest of the afternoon, in front of an enthusiastic country crowd, the Royals chipped away and in the end just ran out of time for the impossible victory.

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